The Lord of the Rings:
The Return of the King

Elijah Wood (Frodo)
Sean Astin (Sam)
Andy Serkis (Gollum)
Viggo Mortenson (Aragorn)
Ian McKellen (Gandalf)
Dominic Monaghan (Merry)
Billy Boyd (Pippin)
Orlando Bloom (Legolas)
John Rhys-Davies (Gimli)
Bernard Hill (Theoden)
Miranda Otto (Eowyn)
Karl Urban (Eomer)
Hugo Weaving (Elrond)
Liv Tyler (Arwen)
David Wenhem (Faramir)
John Noble (Lord Denethor)
Paul Norell (The King of the Dead)
Lawrence Makoare (The Witch-King of Angmar)
Thomas Robins (Deagol)

(2003) This is the final chapter to the Lord of the Rings trilogy. This was a crucial part of the trilogy because it has to tie up all of the lose ends and it has to be as true to the book as possible, i havent read the book, but i did hear what people had to say about it, and from what i could see, it did. Again, this movie leaves off where it left on The Tow Towers. Only this time, there are three stories to follow that eventaully meet up, but with different characters that play in each story. The main story, as in, the purpose behind the plot was the quest to destroy the Ring with Frodo, Sam,  and the ever suspicios Gollum. FRom what we know from the last movie, Gollum is planning something against Frodo and Sam. To start off, they are on their way to Mordor still, getting extremely close. Based on Gollum's directions, there is a stairway they must follow and a tunnel to follow in oder to get into Mordor unnoticed. They find the stairway next to Minas Morgul, the home of Sauron's searchers, the Nazgul. The corruption of the Ring on Frodo almost gets them caught, but he escapes the trance just before somebody saw them. So they climb up the stairway that goes up about a hundred stories. Then, one time when Frodo and Sam are asleep, Gollum takes some of their food, throws it off the edge, but kept jus enough of it to make it look like Sam ate all of it. The play worked when Gollum out the idea that Sam wanted the Ring for himself in his head, so that pissed him off. So then thats when Frodo disbanded him from his help, told him to go home. They left him to climb down, until he found the food that he was accused of eating, so that got him pissed off. Meanwhile, Frodo and Gollum are done climbing the stair and they are now walking through the tunnel. There were webs everywhere, and then, after Gu\ollum wouldn't help Frodo out of some webs he was stuck in, he knew it was a trap. He then saw a huge ass spider comin toward him, he ran and ran from the spider until he just got away. After he got out of the tunnel, Gollum tackles Frodo, but he is able to throw him off into a dark hole in the ground, until he disappeared, presumed dead. Then, after a while, the spider is now being really discreet with itself like and predator with prey. Without him noticing, the spider stuns Frodo and whines him up in a spool of web. Then, Sam heroically comes to the rescue and fends off the spider. Afterwards, he goes to Frodo and thinks that he is dead, which in reality he wasn't. He found this out when a group of orcs find him and tke him up to their tower. Sam follows them and saves Frodo when he awakens. They bare Orc disguises and trek across the Mordor landscape. They look out into it and see that it was swarming with Orcs. Then, out of the blue, they all leave to the Black Gate, leaving the open land unwatched. So then Frodo, who is getting extremely weak at this point, eventually has to be carried by Sam up to the entrance into the volcano. Gollum shows up and tries to stop them. Sam is fighting off Gollum when he sees Frodo running towards the doorway. Sam knocks out Gollum and runs after him. He sees Frodo standing on the edge of the volcano, with the Ring in his hand. The Rings' corruption on Frodo reaches its breaking point and proclaims that the Rings is his by putting it on and disappearing. Gollum comes along and knocks out Sam. He jumps onto Frodo and bites his finger off to get the Rings for his own. As Gollum rejoices that he has the Ring, Frodo gets up and fights Gollum off the edge of the volcano. Sam gets Frodo from the edge of it and they run off as the Volcano starts getting critical. They are saved when they jump onto a rock that isnt covered in lava. Now, lets jump to the beginning with a new story that was happening while this was going on. Aragorn, Gimli, Legolas, and the others meet up with Merry and Pippin in Isengard after they won their battle. They all go down to Rohan to celebrate their victories. Things dont go smoothly however, because Pippin finds a rock in the flooding of Isengard that was very special to Saruman. Gandalf takes it and keeps it with him at all times. That night, after the festivities, Pippin goes to look at it, but Sauron's spirit sees him and thinks that he has his Ring, and he didn't say anything about Frodo and the Ring. So that made him a target for Mordor. So, in retaliation, Gandalf takes Pippin, without Merry to Minas Tirith fro protection. During this time, Aragorn and the rest of the warriors are mobilizing to defend Minas Tirith because according to Pippin's interaction with Sauron, that's where he plans to hit first. So they mobilize about 10,000, not enough to defend Minas Tirith. Then, one night, Aragorn gets a visit from Elrond, who brings him Narsil, the sword that has been entrusted to him ever since he was born, the sword of the King of Gondor. He takes the sword and, along with Legolas and Gimli, go into a haunted mountain that was said to contain an invincible army of ghosts that need to pay their debt back to the King. They go into the mountain and they get the assistance on the army. They travel up to Minas Tirith in the middle of the battle and they clean house and win the battle. Right after that they mobilize for a final stand against Mordor. They all know that even with the army they got, they wont win, unless Frodo can destory the Ring before they lost the battle. So all of Gondor and Rohan lead a diversion as they called it so they could give Frodo his chance to get to the entrance easily (hence the part when Frodo and Sam saw the lands of Mordor empty). The army keeps the battle going long enough until they all hear a boom, and a screech from the bodiless form of Sauron, and then we hear a sonic boom, theerfore telling us that he has been destroyed, again. All of Mordor crumbled before the eyes of the warriors, all smiling and screaming out "FRODO!! FRODO!!!" Now, this is when all the characters meet up in the end. Gandalf goes to pick up Frodo and Sam  on the rock near the ruins of Mount Doom, and brings them back to Rivendell, with all of the others there to meet them. Frodo is seen in bed, and wakes up to see Gandalf, whom he hasnt seen since he thought he died, so he was suprised and happy to see him. Then Merry, Pippin, Gimli, Legolas, and the new King of Gondor himself Aragorn goes to see him. Then, finally, Sam comes in and sees Frodo and gives him a friendly smile. When the time came for the coronation to begin, everyone is there, everyone!! Gandalf presents the crown to Aragorn and becomes King. He aproaches the Hobbits and they bow to him. He then says, "you bow to no one" and he bowed to them, and everyonw else around him followed suit. Then, The Hobbits come back to The Shire and lives happy lives for three years. Then, Frodo had to leve the Shire so he could help people around Middle-Earth. They say goodbye and Frodo leaves with the Elves into the open water.

This is the longest summary I have ever done and i apologize to you for making you read so much, but this story was extremely hard to not include all of the facts because every little fact leads to the big finale, so i couldnt leave out much. However, i absolutely completely understand why this film is so great and why it was so commercially succesful. Again, the story was exciting and about as complex as the last movie was. They both followed the same format, but they both had different outcomes. However, one thing that i loved about this movie was that the detail was even more rich in his movie compared to the other Lord of the Rings movies. One was because of our advancements in technology, we could do a lot more than we could have then. During the battle of Minas Tirith, we see the detail in the elephants in the battle, as well as the warriors in their close ups they were extensively detailed. Of course this movie was done in New Zealand, because it is so awesomely beautiful there, the big epic battle sequenses woldnt have looked that awesome if they were set at like a plain in California.

Another thing i liked a lot was the the way the camera was used in the films Jackson directs, especially this one. One sequence that i thot was pretty hardcore was the part when we the close up of Frodo's face when he decides whether or not to throw the rings off, and the combination of music and sound to it made the scene that mcuh better, and when he said that he wasn't going to destroy it, the way the editing was used to make that intense, suspenseful feeling made me shiver when i saw it in theaters.